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There Is A Fountain

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1. There Is A Fountain--Janie
2. Sweeter As The Days Go By--Dewell&Janie
3. Gentle Shephard--Janie
4. Beulah Land--Janie
5. Master Of The Sea--Dewell&Janie&Nick
6. Jesus Medley--Janie
7. By My Side--Janie
8. The Year When Jesus Comes--Janie
9. At The Cross--Janie
10. Cananland Is Just In Sight--Dewell&Janie
11. My Tribute--Janie
12. GoodBye,World,GoodBye--Dewell&Janie
13. Jesus Is Coming Again--Janie
14. The Next Time He Comes--Dewell&Janie
15. Spirit Of God Medley--Janie
16. The Love Sent Christ--Janie
17. Christ Living In Me--Janie

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