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     I enjoy playing bass guitar along with Janie playing the piano for church services. Janie also taught the adult Sunday School class for many years.  We also sing          together,  sometimes with the piano, and sometimes with CDs.  Janie has made a few CDs for us to use as background music, and occasionally does sign language         as we sing.     My Main Hobbies are weather watching and amateur radio. I guess if I had a favorite hobby it would be amateur radio, or mostly called ham radio. I first got        interested in CB radio right after I got married. My wife Janie worked the 3 to 11 shift at the hospital, and one night had car trouble on the way home from work.       That was before cell phones, ( HA ). So I registered  with the FCC to get a CB license which was KLM8986. I got a base for the house and a mobile for each car.       Janie had one in her car, too, we could talk while she was on the way home from work. The language on the CB bands got so bad that I couldn’t listen to them any       more. I heard on the TV news cast about ham radio and investigated  about it.  I made the necessary contacts and studied my first book to receive my technician       license.  My call Sign was KG4SVC. I passed that test on April 4 2002 and received my first license. I then studied for my next level test which is General. I passed       that test on December 14, 2002.  So while I was in the studying mode I decided to go for the top class license which is known as Extra. I passed that test on       September 13, 2003.  My FCC call sign now is  AI4DS. I served as a volunteer examiner for several years for the AARL.  ( American Radio Relay League).I have       made  contacts in all of our states, except perhaps a couple.  I have also made overseas contacts with many countries.  These include: Croatia, Chile,  Cuba, Portugal,       Germany, Spain, Canary Islands, Estonia, Turkmenistan, France, Guadeloupe, Clipperton Island, St. Pierre & Miquelon, St. Martin, Island, England, Isle of Man,      Northern Ireland,Hungary, Switzerland, Dominican Republic, Honduras, Italy, Dominica, St. Vincent, US Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, Norway, Bulgaria, Australia,      Czech Republic, Slovakia, Belgium, Aruba, Netherlands, Neth Antilles (Bonaire), Brazil, Suriname, Slovenia, Poland, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Antigua (Barbuda),      Belize, Canada, Austria, Newfoundland (Labrador), Anquilla, Turks &  Caicos Islands, Mexico, Nicaragua, Romania, Yugoslavia, and Venezuela. I was fortunate      enough to talk with someone at the Pentagon, also.  And, while some of the astronauts were in orbit, a frequency was set so ham radio operators could speak with      them.  But, I was unable to  participate in that conversation.  I was instrumental, however, during one of the Florida hurricanes, to be able to obtain information about      a  friend’s son who was living there, because they were unable to contact his family through the phone lines. I am a member of several ham radio  clubs: Ambassadors     for Christ, 7.240 Club,  Southcars (South Coast Amateur Radio Service), ARMS fellowship net (Amateur Radio Missionary Service),This net has been going since     1957 to help missionaries overseas to stay in contact with family over here in the states by Ham Radio.   Janie also passed her Technican class license on Feburary 21,2015 and on March 27,2015 she passed her General class license. Her call sign is KM4IFZ
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